it’s the final countdown!

You better get that song stuck in your head. Because it’s happening. It IS the final countdown. I have FIVE radiation sessions left. As I type, I’m listening to the famed song by the hair band Europe. Why not? How am I feeling? The skin that is  within the radiation field is pink and itchy. I tire out easily. But, really, I feel alive. So … Continue reading it’s the final countdown!

five minutes from the chemo floor

Lots of disclaimers here. Audio is not great. I was on my LAST drug of the day. I had already received all of the following through IV: steroids, Ativan, Adriamycin, Amend, slow-release Zofran. (Adriamycin is the chemo drug while all the others are administered to manage side effects.) So, yeah, I’m kind of out of it. Also, I have ZERO make up on. Also, I … Continue reading five minutes from the chemo floor