really quick i love you

Hey Friends. I am way too quiet on this thing. First of all, I’m alive and kicking. (Kicking cancer’s butt!) After the last round of chemo, I was surprised by a few things: First, I have the appetite of a horse. Thank you, Steroids. Thank you, Horrible Taste In My Mouth That Can Only Be Defeated By Pickles And Doritos. Thank you, No Strength To … Continue reading really quick i love you

halftime report

So, after the first few rounds of chemo, I started wondering, Is it working? I wasn’t alone. My oncologist wanted to know. You wanted to know. My KIDS wanted to know. I think Brent might have been wondering too. About a month ago, Jillian asked me right before bed, “If this medicine doesn’t work, will they give you another medicine or will you die?” I wasn’t sure what … Continue reading halftime report

current side effects

Hey Friends. I’m on the road with family. Instead of getting my eighth infusion, I’m in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’ll resume chemo next Wednesday. I know that some of you would like an update. Here’s my head-to-toe assessment after seven chemos: My hair continues to go buh-bye. I still have a fuzzy head, but I don’t have a discernible hairline. It’s really thin. Chemo wreaks … Continue reading current side effects

when i was terrified, i threw a party

I’ve had the hardest time trying to gather my thoughts for this post. And now I’m realizing it’s because my thoughts weren’t clear leading up to this event. I didn’t have a plan; I felt my way through this. For all of you who have given me amazingly encouraging feedback about my writing, prepare yourselves for some chicken scratch. I feel like I’m groping for … Continue reading when i was terrified, i threw a party

four chemos down, twelve to go

A few days ago, I wrote what I think was a really sweet blog post filling in another piece of the “waiting to find out journey” and then I erased it somehow. That was a bummer. I’ll rewrite it soon. Anyway, I know it’s good to keep you abreast (my favorite expression ever, especially now). This last week has been full and wonderful. I’ve had … Continue reading four chemos down, twelve to go