it’s the final countdown!

You better get that song stuck in your head. Because it’s happening. It IS the final countdown. I have FIVE radiation sessions left. As I type, I’m listening to the famed song by the hair band Europe. Why not? How am I feeling? The skin that is  within the radiation field is pink and itchy. I tire out easily. But, really, I feel alive. So … Continue reading it’s the final countdown!

advocate yo-self

It’s been a little quieter on the blog. I’ve been jumping back into being me as much as possible. That means loving people, cooking, tackling a project here and there and…finally doing my radiation simulation (it was delayed) AND doing a little physical therapy.  Physical therapy has proven to be a little more challenging because of the emotional aspect. It’s a trigger for me. I … Continue reading advocate yo-self

heavy petting

I got what I wanted for Christmas: a hairline. It was very light, but I was happy to have it. It started growing in white for the first eighth of an inch or so. I like to say it’s ombréd. It’s more like a silverback gorilla though.  Today, I went to the kids’ school and read to Phoebe’s class. She’s been begging me to come … Continue reading heavy petting

something to look forward to

Halfway through the 8 weeks of hell (the last stretch of chemo), I was pretty discouraged. While everyone was cheering, “You’re already halfway there!”, I was despairing that I was not done. And then what was the next stop in life? Surgery. Stupid surgery. My tendency to escape was in full effect as I looked for flights online. Much to my delight, flights to Nipples, … Continue reading something to look forward to

i am the less than 1%

So this past Saturday (aka Sadderday), I wasn’t feeling so great. The most concerning symptom was chest pains. I would feel them especially when I changed position (ie standing to sitting or reverse). I hadn’t been very active for days, because chemo. The pain was intense and had a pulsing sensation. Brent encouraged me to contact the on-call doc. Of course, she recommended me to … Continue reading i am the less than 1%