two simple questions answered (kind of)

Are you cancer-free or nah? I haven’t made it super clear, because it’s just not that easy. As of today, I think of myself as cancer-free, but I will probably claim my survival anniversary as this Friday 3/18/16 when I have completed radiation. What made this all confusing was that when I had my first scans back in June of 2015, some areas “lit up” on … Continue reading two simple questions answered (kind of)

advocate yo-self

It’s been a little quieter on the blog. I’ve been jumping back into being me as much as possible. That means loving people, cooking, tackling a project here and there and…finally doing my radiation simulation (it was delayed) AND doing a little physical therapy.  Physical therapy has proven to be a little more challenging because of the emotional aspect. It’s a trigger for me. I … Continue reading advocate yo-self

the other side of the mountain

When I was diagnosed last June, a mountain stood before me.    Or that’s what I thought. What I didn’t realize is that, I was looking at the first mountain in a range. Just getting through the diagnostic process was a foothill. Then there was the chemo mountain. And then the surgery and…you get the point.  To everyone else, it looks like I’m on the … Continue reading the other side of the mountain

current side effects

Hey Friends. I’m on the road with family. Instead of getting my eighth infusion, I’m in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’ll resume chemo next Wednesday. I know that some of you would like an update. Here’s my head-to-toe assessment after seven chemos: My hair continues to go buh-bye. I still have a fuzzy head, but I don’t have a discernible hairline. It’s really thin. Chemo wreaks … Continue reading current side effects

body surfing into round 3 of chemo

Today is round three. I’m ready as usual. (I remembered my meds!) I actually like systemically treating cancer. It satisfies my deep sense of justice. I’m all like, “Oh you wanna fight? Bring it. We are so going to destroy your ability to divide cells! Your evil tyranny ends today!!!” I digress. I’m actually just wanting to give a quick update on things. I feel … Continue reading body surfing into round 3 of chemo

quick outline of my treatment 

I had this conversation with my friend who lives in Tacoma:   Becky, you are not alone! Almost all of my closest friends were obsessed with Parenthood. And most of them do not–did not–have a friend with cancer until very recently. I feel like I should watch it to see how they portrayed canc. (Yes, I shorten it to canc sometimes.)   Every cancer is … Continue reading quick outline of my treatment