let the children come to me

Having children is terrifying. Loving so deeply in ways you didn’t know possible feels vulnerable. Having the responsibility to shape and feed and shelter for decades is daunting. But, there’s another aspect of child-rearing that is scary: their unpredictability. Y’know, when they start talking. And say things like, “Mommy is that a man or a lady?” within earshot of the person in question. Or when … Continue reading let the children come to me

halftime report

So, after the first few rounds of chemo, I started wondering, Is it working? I wasn’t alone. My oncologist wanted to know. You wanted to know. My KIDS wanted to know. I think Brent might have been wondering too. About a month ago, Jillian asked me right before bed, “If this medicine doesn’t work, will they give you another medicine or will you die?” I wasn’t sure what … Continue reading halftime report

so, what’s chemo really like?

I think this is a question on people’s minds. The answer is probably disappointing. It’s kind of pleasant. Think about it: I am sitting in a recliner for hours while someone else takes care of me. Usually I’m with a good friend. There are no children asking me for food every five seconds. The waiting room I check in and wait for the nurse to … Continue reading so, what’s chemo really like?

current side effects

Hey Friends. I’m on the road with family. Instead of getting my eighth infusion, I’m in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. I’ll resume chemo next Wednesday. I know that some of you would like an update. Here’s my head-to-toe assessment after seven chemos: My hair continues to go buh-bye. I still have a fuzzy head, but I don’t have a discernible hairline. It’s really thin. Chemo wreaks … Continue reading current side effects