advocate yo-self

It’s been a little quieter on the blog. I’ve been jumping back into being me as much as possible. That means loving people, cooking, tackling a project here and there and…finally doing my radiation simulation (it was delayed) AND doing a little physical therapy.  Physical therapy has proven to be a little more challenging because of the emotional aspect. It’s a trigger for me. I … Continue reading advocate yo-self

the other side of the mountain

When I was diagnosed last June, a mountain stood before me.    Or that’s what I thought. What I didn’t realize is that, I was looking at the first mountain in a range. Just getting through the diagnostic process was a foothill. Then there was the chemo mountain. And then the surgery and…you get the point.  To everyone else, it looks like I’m on the … Continue reading the other side of the mountain

heavy petting

I got what I wanted for Christmas: a hairline. It was very light, but I was happy to have it. It started growing in white for the first eighth of an inch or so. I like to say it’s ombréd. It’s more like a silverback gorilla though.  Today, I went to the kids’ school and read to Phoebe’s class. She’s been begging me to come … Continue reading heavy petting

the big day is here

Yesterday was rough, but I’ll mostly remember the good parts. That’s what I’m going to focus on here. Throughout the last six months, I’ve been showered with gifts and care and love. Yesterday felt like the finale of a fireworks display. Michele gave me “some Lulu for my lemons” (an adorable hoodie!). Liz brough lunch. Molly knit me an alpaca scarf. Kimmerz from Chicago sent … Continue reading the big day is here