not so brief timeline

May 20  Felt lump in the middle of the night

May 21  Regularly scheduled annual wellness appointment

May 22  Mammogram and ultrasound

May 25-27  Went to see Aunt Karla six weeks post-op from her double mastectomy/reconstruction.

May 28  Contrast mammogram & breast biopsy

June 1  Diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma and then went to my son’s vocal concert

June 4  Met with oncologist and surgeon for the first time and learned that I’d need chemo, surgery and radiation

June 5  Breast MRI and lymph node biopsy (from hell)

June 6  PET scan

June 8  Call from oncologist that my cancer is stage iiic due to “extensive lymph node involvement.” No time to do clinical trial. Will start chemo ASAP.

June 9  Left for pre-planned Florida family vacation (beach, not Disney)

June 16 Came home

June 17 Port surgery

June 19  First of 16 chemo cycles. Taxol, Perjeta, Herceptin

June 26 Second infusion Taxol & Herceptin

June 30 First haircut at uptown Juut with Kathryn

July 2 Third infusion Taxol & Herceptin

July 8 Fourth infusion Taxol, Perjeta, Herceptin

July 9 Jillian’s birthday + Hair loss begins

July 13 Impromptu Haircut Party

July 15 Fifth infusion Taxol & Herceptin, meet with oncologist and learn that I have confusing cancer cells. It appears my lymph nodes are no longer enlarged (what!? Yes!!! Cautiously optimistic the chemo is working…)

July 16 “Chicago Kim” comes to town for 24 hours + I meet with the surgeon

July 17 Brent shaves my head

July 21 Sarah Epp comes to visit before moving to Switzerland

July 22 Sixth infusion Taxol & Herceptin  

July 29 Seventh infusion Taxol, Herceptin, Perjeta

August 3-10 We are cowboys and cowgirls in the wild west. AKA, our trip to Wyoming

August 12 Eighth Chemo Taxol, Herceptin

August 17 MRI to see if chemo is working 

August  19 Ninth Chemo Taxol, Herceptin, Perjeta

August 26 Tenth Chemo Taxol and Herceptin

September 2 Drop Phoebe off for her first day of Kindy and then do my Eleventh round of Chemo

September 10 Chemo. Last one of Taxol, Herceptin and Perjeta

September 16 First of four Adriamycin and Cytoxan (AC) infusions. Chemo is now every other week. 

September 30 Second AC infusion

October 14 Third AC infusion

October 17 ER visit with chest pains, cleared to come home after CT scan, blood work, EKG, etc…

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