it’s the final countdown!

You better get that song stuck in your head. Because it’s happening. It IS the final countdown. I have FIVE radiation sessions left. As I type, I’m listening to the famed song by the hair band Europe. Why not?

How am I feeling? The skin that is  within the radiation field is pink and itchy. I tire out easily. But, really, I feel alive. So alive. It feels great to be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

Last week, I had my port removal surgery. What a difference from the port placement. I wasn’t even a little nervous. Perspective and experience are great helpers.

I don’t want to get into all the emotions right now (mainly because this song is so loud inspiring!!). So I’ll leave you with some pictures from over the last nine and a half months. I hope that anyone who has just begun their journey can find some encouragement in these photos. Life still happens, it’s not on pause. A lot of amazing things happened during this interesting and scary season. I have a million more thoughts. This isn’t the end of the blog. But, it is time for a little pictoral reflection. Enjoy! 



3 thoughts on “it’s the final countdown!

  1. Jenna, wow, this post gives me so much joy as I feel like I have walked with you, if only in prayer! Here in stl, Praying till the end for complete healing and recovery !


  2. Love that song, love the pictures, love your perspective and courage!

    You are beautiful, Jenna. Still praying here in PA!


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