heavy petting

I got what I wanted for Christmas: a hairline. It was very light, but I was happy to have it. It started growing in white for the first eighth of an inch or so. I like to say it’s ombréd. It’s more like a silverback gorilla though. 

Today, I went to the kids’ school and read to Phoebe’s class. She’s been begging me to come back ever since her birthday in October. Now that I had energy, fairly good use of my arms and a little bit of hair on my head, I was ready. The kids snacked on their little space food applesauce packets while I read Goldi Rocks and the Three Bears

Afterwards, Phoebe wanted to surprise her friends. First, she and I talked about how I took a medicine that made my hair fall out. Phoebe recalled to her classmates how she was in the shower with me when it first happened. “Were you scared? Or sad?” I asked her. “No, I was jus’ like, ‘oh weird. her hair is coming out so easily.'” Such innocent honesty. I didn’t know she would share that. I couldn’t help, but wonder how many of these kids would be touched by cancer. Maybe they’ll refer back to this impromptu “lesson”. Phoebe’s surprise was that she invited her friends to come feel my head. Most of the class came up and rubbed their fingers through my hair. 

“It feels just like a bunny!” 

“It’s SO soft” 

“I wish I had a blanket made of this!”

I have a friend, Pati, who loves this word game where you take two two-word phrases and make them into one three-word phrase. For example Scotch tape + tape worm = Scotch tape worm. Today, in that classroom, it was the closest I’ve come to her favorite: heavy petting zoo. Ha! I’d do it all over again. Kids are the best. They’re even better after cancer. 

Here’s the most current picture. Now, I’ll go update selfie central! Apparently, I haven’t updated pics there since September. 


5 thoughts on “heavy petting

  1. Beautiful!! You are blessed with a husband who loves YOU! And adorable children… who love you just the way you are! You are my funny, pretty, cancer fighting, little taller than me sister. I love you…ombre hair or no! It’s your inner light everyone is drawn to. Love you. I wish my arms could reach all the way from KC to give you a hug!


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