a stitch in time?

I’ve heard that before. “A stitch in time saves nine.” I could google the meaning or ponder it for a few minutes. I don’t have time though. At least, I don’t feel like I have time. So much to do before the surgery. Time is running out!!!!

That’s why I felt that tightness in my chest this morning when my littlest girl asked if I was EVER going to fix her sister’s Owl. One of them tore the wing almost all the way off. It feels like they are constantly creating more work for us to do lately. But, Cancer/mom guilt is a strong force. So, after mis-managing my time for about three hours this morning, I found a needle and thread. As I took a few moments to stitch, I had an idea…


9 thoughts on “a stitch in time?

  1. It is often the smallest task that makes the most lasting memories to our kids. And you not only made the owl whole…you made a connection to your own surgery and healing about to come. Most importantly, you did it in the language of a child. I think A+ Mommy. Stopping for a moment to care for a stuffed owl was caring for a hurting heart.


    1. Made me think of you and how your imagination created worlds for us when we were kids. A favorite was, of course, the hospital 🙂


  2. Dear Jillian and Phoebe,
    I am so glad I got to meet Owlix over Thanksgiving. What a special owl! And what a special Doctor taking care of Owlix. That Dr. Cancypants sure knows how to heal with love! 😉

    Will you do me a favor and give your mom pinky-hugs for me everyday after her surgery? She’ll show you how. They are a good substitute for regular hugs in a pinch, and will do the trick til your mom can give full hugs again. Pinky-hugs are very special!

    Sending lots of pinky-hugs to you from me, too!!



  3. P.S. Jenna: pinky-hugs can be whatever you want them to be 🙂 but they definitely should include the “pinky-swear” action somehow…nothing exists as secretly-cool as that when you are a little girl! Hope it helps soothe the missed snuggles!!! 💕


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