a week away

I’m a week out from surgery aaaaand…

1. I’m more concerned with my to-do list than the surgery itself. After surgery, I’ll be pretty unable to do anything much for a few weeks and Christmas will be two and a half weeks away. Soooo yeah. 

2. I still don’t have hair. I have the slightest peach fuzz on the top of my head. I’m hoping for a hairline by Christmas. Okay, I want it sooner, but I’m all about managing expectations here.

3. I’m telling my kids to get all their hugs in before surgery. I guess that goes for everyone. I’ve become quite the social hugger and I’m gonna take a break for a few weeks. 

4. I am incredibly grateful for Bekkah, Karla, Carissa, Lisa, Brooke, etc. These lovely women in my life have had bilateral mastectomies. They have given me so much comfort. Pretty soon, I suspect I will be that comfort for someone else.

5. I’ve been wisely advised to have my husband do all my Facebook updating post-surgery. #percocet 

6. I need to teach my husband Facebook this week.

7. Ok…now that I think of it…I’m pretty scared about the armpit part of the surgery (axillary dissection). Not gonna lie. I like having all my limbs in good working order. Would you pray that my arm would be just as useful after my surgery and that I wouldn’t get lymphedema? I have a friend who has it and says it’s not that bad. Maybe I need to just let go and chill out. But, I’m scared.

8. My friend’s mother has breast cancer. She finished radiation not too long ago. It already came back in her bones. Yes, you can get breast cancer in your bones. That’s considered stage iv. Sometimes it stays away for a long time. Sometimes it comes back really soon. Medicine can slow down cancer and women can live years after the cancer comes back. That’s what I’m praying for Judie. Years, Lord, give her many years, please. I didn’t need a sobering reminder; I already knew that I could be cancer-free for only a few months. 

9. I’m so FREAKIN’ excited for my Aunt Karla to come next week. She’s gonna use all she learned from her surgery earlier this year and take care of me and my family for a week. Isn’t that so nice of her? We are all very pleased she is coming. She and Brent will make a nice team.

10. That is all. Have a great week. I’ll post again if I can slow down long enough to write. 

3 thoughts on “a week away

  1. Jenna Benna Fo Fenna. Fe Fi Fo Fenna.
    You are held. Your name is being brought before God by so so so many. May you feel just the right amount of distracted by your to-do list that your worries do not become all consuming. You know I’m praying for you. Daily. So very grateful you have so many women who have walked this before you. 2 Chronicles 16:9a…gets me every time. His eyes are on YOU. #cancypants


  2. Thanks for the update. You have a lot going on. Prayers will continue for your full recovery. I’m grateful that you have so many people in your life that can support you. Rest, recuperate, and if in pain, don’t hesitate to tell your doctor. Lastly, if I could learn to use FB, then I’m sure Brent could easily! Loving you from KC.


  3. Dear Jenna, I am so thinking of you at this difficult time. So glad you will have help. God’s Blessings coming your way. You are loved by many.


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