14 down, 2 to go

Hi there! Time for a little check in. By way of reminder, I’m am doing chemo infusions every other week now. I am on Adriamycin and Cytoxan and I’ve completed two cycles of this regimen. I have an infusion this Wednesday and then another two weeks after that. And then I’ll be DONE with chemo! I will still have to have Herceptin infusions after radiation is done (sometime early next year?), but Herceptin has virtually NO side effects. Herceptin is a hormone targeted therapy, not a chemotherapy. This miracle drug only attacks cancer cells, not healthy ones. It feels good to imagine being done, so let me repeat: DONE with chemo in two and a half weeks!! (Done with feeling yucky in about four weeks, I’m guessing??)

Right now, I feel pretty great. Brent and I went for a hike yesterday along the Mississippi River. It was beautiful and I felt strong. I also got to do some hair. (I’m a hairstylist, for those of you who didn’t know.) It amazes me that a war is going on within my body–a battle between chemo and cancer–and I can just go play with hair and enjoy the Autumn colors. It’s amazing really. With the effects of chemo and steroids wearing off, life feels happy and manageable. 

I didn’t feel so great a week ago. I was dreading this coming Wednesday with fear and trembling. I felt weak, tender to the touch everywhere, nauseous and groggy. And that’s just the physical side effects. The steroid messes with my ability to cope and feel secure. Cancer also plays into that. It’s hard to sort through what is chemical, what is real and what is a pack of lies from the pit of hell. If you’ve ever had an insecurity, add in a major grief or crisis and it will intensify it like crazy. 

Let’s refocus on the good stuff. The hike. It was lovely. And the trailhead is a five minute walk from our urban home. Makes me so happy. 


5 thoughts on “14 down, 2 to go

  1. It’s such a tough road you’ve been on…I can’t even fathom the twists and turns and the depths of human emotions that have crossed this path. All I can say is that I am grateful….so grateful that you are near the end of this chemo. And as usual, you inspire, inform, and imprint a message on our hearts of God’s eternal grace and love. I continue to pray for restored health and joy to be in your life.


  2. Hey, Hiking Buddy 🙂 It’s really Carrie – Kat is a nickname around here. I wanted to let you know I had an amazing hour with a grandma of one of our students who is a three time breast cancer survivor, and is fighting it again. She told me in a whisper to tell you to use Vaseline on your skin to help it stay moisturized – “just straight outta the can!” Her skin was smooth and shiny and the color of warm caramel, and she looked more like a mom than an aunt, for reels! I suspect prayers were mixed in with that Vaseline, so I’m sending some of those along, too! Love you!!!


  3. P.S. …it was a conspiratorial whisper of kicking cancer’s skinny white bum!!! Oh, and I meant more like a mom than a grandma, not aunt. I shouldn’t be allowed to post anything online…Ba dum dum! ❤️


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