five minutes from the chemo floor

Lots of disclaimers here. Audio is not great. I was on my LAST drug of the day. I had already received all of the following through IV: steroids, Ativan, Adriamycin, Amend, slow-release Zofran. (Adriamycin is the chemo drug while all the others are administered to manage side effects.) So, yeah, I’m kind of out of it. Also, I have ZERO make up on. Also, I had a cold. Also, I have cancer. Also, I am just starting to figure out how to edit and publish YouTube vids. Also, you can get a good taste for how easily distracted I am. So, those of you who enjoy the writing portion of my blog can see why I must write it out if I’m going to tell my cancer story. Look! Shiny things!!!

6 thoughts on “five minutes from the chemo floor

  1. Jenna,
    All I have to say is I love you guys! You and Brent are the two funniest people on the planet!! I pray the ACDC does it’s job and obliterates all cancer cells!! I pray you’re resting, feeling okay, eating tomatoes :), and chillin’ today! Only you could make so many people smile while you’re getting chemo!!! God bless you, Jenna! I love you! Glad you like the pillow :)!!! May God bless you and Brent – and Avery (happy early B-day!), Miles, Jillian and Phoebe with His perfect peace!!!😘😘😘💗💗💗


  2. Jenna, it is a blessing to see your spirit and humor and sweetness still shining through. I like this even better than your writing, and I love your writing! My daughter just said, “She is so pleasant.” What a testimony to the Lord strengthening you and granting you a joy that supersedes your present circumstances….

    And Brent does look like that actor! You two are absolutely adorable.


  3. Dad and I loved the first video and looking forward to more. You continue to be so animated and the two of you do what you do best, make each other laugh. You look beautiful and was interesting to see the last red stuff interring your port. Its all these things that make your experience shared. We thank you, beautiful lady!
    Love, prayers and many kisses


  4. Jenna,
    Thanks for letting us “peek” into your life, your treatment, your you! You seem to have so much peace inside and I enjoy watching the love that you and Brent have for each other. As I watch that red chemical go in, I pray that it tackles that cancer and destroys it. Because a world without cancer I can live with. A world without Jenna….it’s too much!!
    You have so much light and life to bring others. Praying always for recovery and peace to you and your family.
    Love always,
    Trusting Him daily,


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