I generally struggle with receiving anonymous gifts, because my extrovert self wants to hug and thank people for what they give. People have been giving a lot. I’ve found myself thinking and saying over and over, “Cancer is horrible, but people are amazing when cancer happens.”

I have lots and lots of empty thank you notes waiting to be hand-written to you all. Let me stay delusional. I want to be the person who writes thank you notes. Pray that I do it. It’s not easy to get anything done in the summer even without cancer. But, I’m holding out hope, because showing gratitude in this way would complete the joy of receiving the gift.

But, you can’t write a note to anonymous. Unless you have a blog….

Dear Anonymous,

It was an insane amount that you put on that Target gift card. If you had handed it to me in person, I most assuredly would have given it back to you and said that it was too much and that we would be fine. You must have known that. It was incredibly thoughtful in every way. I am so thankful that I have had two trips to Target and still have an insane amount of money on the gift card to spend on groceries and random needs and even some fun things. I really, really hope that if you should ever find yourself in a crisis like ours, that God will raise up generous and thoughtful people just like you to love you the way you chose to love our family. If you ever want to tell us it was you, I’ll hug you and thank you and promise not to be weird(er than usual).

In faith and with joy,

Jenna for us all

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