four chemos down, twelve to go

A few days ago, I wrote what I think was a really sweet blog post filling in another piece of the “waiting to find out journey” and then I erased it somehow. That was a bummer. I’ll rewrite it soon.

Anyway, I know it’s good to keep you abreast (my favorite expression ever, especially now).

This last week has been full and wonderful. I’ve had pretty great energy. My parents came in town from Romania. We celebrated my dad’s 66th birthday and Independence Day with family. A friend came and helped me weed the garden (thanks, Megan!). We made it to church our usual 15 minutes late. The kids started swim lessons, did gymnastics/parkour, golf, etc. I still have hair. Life is almost normal-looking. With the exception of my hi-def port, lack of sleep and me never cooking, it is normal. A big and happy surprise is that cancer treated with this particular chemo regimen (specifically the first 12 cycles) doesn’t ruin your life three weeks in. It’s always with us, but as I am one to survive by focusing on the present moment, we are doing relatively well (thanks to all of you and praise be to God!).


My chemos are scheduled for Wednesdays now. Yesterday, Neely drove me and hung with me for the first half. We had some good laughs as we always do. Miles joined me for the second half of the infusion. He filled my water, fetched me warm blankets and watched The Neverending Story for the first timewhich made me so happy. I was pretty worn out from having such great energy that I ran myself into the ground. So I rested and listened intermittenly to the movie. I don’t really sleep in public places like airplanes or hospitals, but I can get pretty close. And lately, I don’t really sleep much in my own home either. I’m playing around with various meds to achieve sleep. Don’t worry, I’ll figure it out here soon. The night after chemo is the hardest because of the high dose of steroids I receive. It wears off within two days.

I just finished our book club read for the month, The Middle Place, by Kelly CorriganIt’s a breast cancer survivor memoir I’d recommend for understanding the experience while being highly entertained and shedding a few tears along the way. Next in line for me is Kara Tippetts book, the hardest peace. Not for book club! They aren’t changing every book to a cancer memoir, thank goodness!

I feel like I’m forgetting something. Probably because I want to thank so many individuals for the cards, meals, gift cards, bowl of fresh-picked strawberries, amazingly fun fringed kimono I received in the mail, car rides for my kids, child care, encouraging emails and texts, Lucy yoga pants…. There are more ways to show love and support than I ever realized. One reason I want to live is so I can love in all these new ways that I didn’t know before. Thanks for your creativity, generosity and love. You all are amazing. This doesn’t count as an official or personal “thank you”. I just had to make some acknowledgement!!

And thanks for reading along! I’m thankful to have a place to pour my thoughts. I’m grateful to have a community who needs an update.

4 thoughts on “four chemos down, twelve to go

  1. Not on purpose, but apparently I’m determined to comment on everything you share. You make me feel so much, Jenna, so thank you.

    I’m thankful to know how chemo and life are going, and will continue to pray for sleep. Miles is a gem, he quickly became Emilia’s favorite. Last Sunday she hurt her knee and said she needed him to look at it, from what I gather, he’s a nurturer. You are a stunning human being who raises stunning human beings.


  2. I’m a friend of Neely’s from Calvin. So glad she shared your blog on Facebook. You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Can’t wait to hear about how you love in new ways after you’ve kicked cancer’s butt to the curb!


  3. Hi Jenna! This is Joy’s sister (In-Law) Andrea. Joy has kept all of us aBREAST of your diagnosis and subsequent treatment, and we are all praying for you and for your family! I met you at Joy’s 40th and I remember you being the funniest person ever, and that you are a great writer! Joy has sent us some choice selections from your blogs over the years which we love to read! But I now I have come to appreciate you even more, and your character, your honesty, your humility, your faith, your beautiful life and your incredible ability to share it! Please know that all the Edward’s have you in our thoughts and prayers and we are all inspired by your trust, honesty and joy in this especially rough season of your life!!


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