quick outline of my treatment 

I had this conversation with my friend who lives in Tacoma:


Becky, you are not alone! Almost all of my closest friends were obsessed with Parenthood. And most of them do not–did not–have a friend with cancer until very recently. I feel like I should watch it to see how they portrayed canc. (Yes, I shorten it to canc sometimes.)  

Every cancer is treated differently. I only know breast cancer. To be honest, I only know triple positive, stage IIIC Invasive Ductal Carcinoma. And my scope of knowledge is super narrow. But I’ll share with you what my next few months should look like.

First, the docs like to shrink the tumors with chemo. I will start with 12 weekly infusions of chemotherapy. I already explained that the first one was really long. The next two infusions will include two drugs (taxol & herceptin) and should only be two hours long. Every third one, they will add a third drug (perjeta) and my infusions will be four hours. Sometimes I will have extra meetings with nurses or my oncologist which will make the hospital visit longer. Before every infusion, they draw blood and run a quick test. Sometimes, it might happen that my white blood counts will be too low and they will have to wait a few days to do another infusion. So we have to stay flexible. 

After my first 12, I get to do 4 more cycles (adriamycin & cytoxan) over the course of 8 weeks. This takes me through the end of October. I’ve been told these eight weeks will be the hardest chemo weeks. 

Most likely, about a month after the chemo course is completed, I will have surgery. And then about a month after surgery, I will most likely begin radiation. But we will talk about those and side effects and all that junk later. 

Right now, I feel pretty great. I have very low level nausea when it comes. My energy levels are pretty great. I have hair (for now). I don’t look super cancery. And I don’t feel super cancery. I am thankful.

Next infusion is this Thursday. Thanks for praying and caring. 

3 thoughts on “quick outline of my treatment 

  1. Thank you Jenna! For posting this. It’s good to know what’s coming so I can pray extra hard each step of the way! Love you bunches!! I’m praying you get a lovely nights sleep tonight! Full of peace and joy because Jesus is right there with you!


  2. For someone who has a husband who has his fair share of medical knowledge (and is incessantly asking detailed questions whenever I bring you up…questions I don’t have answers to) this is extremely helpful. And very well might save our marriage. Thanks for saving our marriage. Love you Cancypants!!


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