two simple questions answered (kind of)

Are you cancer-free or nah? I haven’t made it super clear, because it’s just not that easy. As of today, I think of myself as cancer-free, but I will probably claim my survival anniversary as this Friday 3/18/16 when I have completed radiation. What made this all confusing was that when I had my first scans back in June of 2015, some areas “lit up” on … Continue reading two simple questions answered (kind of)

it’s the final countdown!

You better get that song stuck in your head. Because it’s happening. It IS the final countdown. I have FIVE radiation sessions left. As I type, I’m listening to the famed song by the hair band Europe. Why not? How am I feeling? The skin that is  within the radiation field is pink and itchy. I tire out easily. But, really, I feel alive. So … Continue reading it’s the final countdown!

f words (y’know, like fear, faith, fighting…)

For years, I entertained the idea of having a “Fear Blog.” Nothing serious, just a self-depricating journal of all the random stuff I’m afraid of on the daily. Like, I’m afraid I’m going to stand up and shout the f-word during a church service. I can’t think of any good ones at the moment. I should have at least kept a list. I’m a little … Continue reading f words (y’know, like fear, faith, fighting…)